Why Nevertheless?



Nevertheless is my favorite word.

That’s because it changes the entire direction of the paragraph and whatever sentences came before it. 

Nevertheless plants itself boldly within the statement, requiring a comma for emphasis, refusing to blend in.

Nevertheless acknowledges the facts while refusing to be defined by them. 

Nevertheless doesn’t settle. It shifts.

It creates possibilities.

Nevertheless is for people who move with purpose. 

It’s for the people who refuse to allow their vision to be stifled by circumstance. 

It’s for the people who refuse to accept the status quo or to be defined by it. 

Nevertheless is for the people who bounce back from challenges and break free from barriers. 

It’s for the people who take dirt and turn it into soil, the people who choose faith over fear.

Nevertheless is for a community that has always taken the limited resources and made gold.

It’s for a people whose creativity has always moved the world.

In a world that would prefer it be smaller, Nevertheless says: “F*** humble.”

Nevertheless is Black AF.

— Brit Fitzpatrick, Founder